AristoPop is the brainchild of Filippo Bruno Tornaforte, the designer who has worked with Ralph Lauren, Luve, Saint Laurent.


Partner of AristoPop is Tommaso Zorzi, young and talented italian TV star that carry at the Brand his unconventional and pop touch.



AristoPop is a new concept of fashion that combines the essence of the aristocratic style with the personality of pop and contemporary.

A concentration of timeless sophistication with creative elements extracted from pop art and beyond. AristoPop is, in fact, a lifestyle. To be AristoPop means to unite tradition with the culture of the innovation of style “in a unique way”. Carefree luxury living; being “vaguely avant-garde”.


A mix of London High Society and seventies New York SoHo.In a time when fashion trends offer us colors and extreme representations of wealth and details (see Gucci, Moschino, Fendi) AristoPop wants to lead to a more aristocratic level. It intends to unite these concepts with real artistic and cultural research carried out into the usability of “spoiled rich people” who like to have items that may represent a level of upper-class “belonging”, almost creating a “Brand Inner Circle”.



The Launch of AristoPop includes:


Lindsay Bag: a small, fun, crazy, and chic shoulder bag dedicated to iconic actress Lindsay Lohan.


King BackPack: a chic and hip backpack dedicated to the Pop Crown Prince of Italy 


Andy Sneakers: a series of iconic sneakers with embroidery, patch, leopard print.








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